This is the website of Samuel Ďurovčík.

I am a native of Bratislava, Slovakia and a student at Masaryk University’s Faculty of Law in Brno, Czech Republic. My studies are focused on Administrative and Citizenship Law. I’m also part of an initiative called One Slovak Family, which is advocating for greater access to Slovak citizenship for descendants of Slovak emigrants abroad.

Over the past 8 years, I’ve been working as a freelance translator and also pursued a Political Science degree in the United Kingdom before dropping out and enrolling in a course I am truly passionate about – Law.

My mission is to provide guidance to descendants of Slovaks and Czech abroad in navigating the oftentimes Kafkaesque ways of Central European bureaucracy (Franz Kafka was from Prague after all), which can perplex even natives. Utilizing my skills as a freelance translator of Slovak, Czech and Polish, I also provide translations.

My fascination with International Migration and Citizenship Law began, when I discovered a torn-out page from an American passport in my late grandfather’s possessions. Over the next decade, I was able to piece together the story of my great-grandfather, Juraj or George Ďurovčík, who emigrated to and spent almost 23 years in Linden, New Jersey. Countless Freedom of Information requests helped me better understand the journey he undertook along with millions of other immigrants – many of whom would never return to their homeland. Like many of them, he also became a dual citizen of both Czechoslovakia and the United States.