What’s an apostille?

Apostille issued in the United States by Alabama

Apostille is endorsement of an official document (such as a birth certificate) for international use. It’s usually a stamp, although it may be a separate piece of paper. Only certain countries issue apostilles.

Where do I get one?

Apostilles are issued by the office/authority, which issued the original document. In the United States, apostilles are usually issued by the local Secretary of State, which issued the document that is to be certified.

Why do I need one?

Many countries, incl. Slovakia, do not recognize official documents issued by foreign countries, unless they bear apostilles.

Which countries issue/accept apostilles?

Most Western, incl. all EU member countries issue and accept apostilles, with the notable exception of Canada.

You may find an up-to-date list of countries here.

Do I need apostilles for documents from EU countries?

No, since 2019, all EU countries, incl. Slovakia, recognize each other’s documents without the need for apostilles.

Map of authentication requirements in Slovakia by country