What’s “super-legalization”?

Super-legalization is the endorsement of official documents for use abroad in countries, which do not issue/accept apostilles or other ways of simplified legalization.

How does super-legalization work?

The process varies by country, which issued the original document (such as a birth certificate).

In most countries, there is a “chain” of certification from the office which issued to document to the local Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Some countries, such as Canada, allow most documents to be certified by the Ministry without this “chain”.

Once a document is certified by the local Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the process is always the same – the document needs to be certified by the embassy of the country, in which it is going to be used.

Practical examples:

I. Janko would like to use his Slovak birth certificate in Canada.

He must first visit the County Authority, in the county which issued his birth certificate. Once the Authority certifies (stamps) his birth certificate, he must visit the Slovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which will also certify the birth certificate. Janko can go to the local Canadian embassy, which will issue to final stamp. The birth certificate is now ready for use in Canada.

II. John would like to use his Nunavut birth certificate in Slovakia.

Canada requires no further certification from Nunavut, so John can approach Global Affairs Canada (the Canadian equivalent of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) directly. Once the document is stamped by Global Affairs Canada, John can go to the local Slovak embassy, which will issue the final stamp. The birth Certificate is now ready for use in Slovakia.

Why do I need my documents to be super-legalized?

Many countries, incl. Slovakia, do not recognize official documents issued by foreign countries, unless they have been legalized.

Which countries require super-legalization?

All countries which neither issue/accept apostilles nor have treaties with Slovakia.

Map of authentication requirements in Slovakia by country